Mild Texture (250ml)


Mild Texture (250ml)


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Innovative waving product that guarantees semi-permanent results with natural effects, in full respect of the hair fibers. It lasts from 8 to 10 weeks depending on the hair type and the waving technique used. It guarantees new form and texture to the hair, for softer, shiner and healthier look. A unique formula for different hair types and results, just a single step, without the neutralizing phase, for a quicker and more pleasant treatment.

Active principles
  • NATURAL ACTIVE WAVE: modifies the keratin structure of the hair gradually and more delicately, compared to those that contains thioglycolate.
  • SILK PROTEINS: preserve the hair structure during the process.
  • EXTRACT OF MAGNOLIA: with a calming, conditioning and antioxidant action.

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